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Many people often ask us, "What can I do? How can I be involved?  How can I help?"

The answer to that is 2 fold.  The first and most important thing anyone can do for us is to pray for us.  The needs on the mission field are numerous and impossible to overcome without the faithful prayers of people like you.  Pray for wisdom in sharing the Gospel.  Pray for receptive hearts of the Togolese.  Pray for health & safety of our family.  Pray for the children to adjust to life in a different world!

Another way you can be involved is by financially supporting us.  In order for us to be released to go to Togo, ABWE (the Association of Baptists for World Evangelism) requires that we are 100% financially supported.  This can either be in actual funds in our account or by committments.  The only way we can serve in Togo is through the generosity of others who commit to support or sponsor us while we are there.  As of April 20th, we only need 100 people who will commit to give $10 a month(or 50 people who will give $20 a month) in order to be fully supported and cleared to leave for the field!  Only $10 a month!!!  Could you do that?  Would you do that?  Is the soul of a lost person worth your sacrifice? 

We are 80% supported and are praying to be able to leave for language school in the fall and leave for Togo in December.  Would you consider partnering with us in this amazing work in Togo, West Africa? 

If you would like to support us click on this link :

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