Togo Facts

Location:  on the Western border of Africa between Ghana and Benin

Area: slightly smaller than West Virginia
Climate:  HOT!!! humid & tropical
Agriculture:  coffee, cocoa, cotton, yams, cassava(tapioca), corn, beans, rice, sorghum, livestock, fish

Population: 6 million people with over 40% under the age of 14

 Life expectancy: 57 years

Ethinc groups: 37 tribes

 You can often see a difference in the style/structure of the Togolese homes based on their tribe or region of the country.
Religions:  51% indigenous beliefs (animism, fetishism, ancestory worship)

 Christian 29% ( Hower these are not necessarily fundamental Bible believing churches)
ABWE church in the N'Digbe village

ABWE church plant Sunday school class

 Muslim 20% (this number is several years old. The Muslim influence in Togo is rapidly increasing)

My family

My family