Tuesday, April 16, 2013

An Amazing African Adventure

I am still trying to play catch up on my posts.....I think this is from January!!
There isn't much here to do for entertainment.  Really, the kids and I don't get out off the compound much.  There is no McDonalds Play Place, or Chic-fil-A play area.  No libraries to visit, no Jump Zone's or Monkey Joe's.  No WalMart or Targets.  There are no Splash Pads or parks to take the kids to, so when another one of the missionaries here (and her sister who was visiting) asked if we wanted to take a trip to one of the local waterwalls (next door in Ghana), the kids were beyond excited! 
The Wli waterfall near Afegame is the highest waterfall in West Africa and is a bit of a tourist spot.  So I think we each had to pay $2 to make the hike, but that also paid for a guide to walk with us.

And every tourist spot must have a souvenir area and a snack shop, right?!

We hiked for about 45 minutes.  Well, Aiden hiked some of the time and rode part of the time.  Sometimes don't you just wish you were a kid again?

And crossed about 8 bridges.  This was the first one that consisted of a fallen tree and a wobble piece of bamboo for a hand rail.  There was quite a large group of Ghanaians washing their clothes in the river so we drew a lot of looks.  I think they were all wondering if the pregnant white lady would make it across the bridge!

The girls had just the best time.  Who needs toys and video games when you live in Africa!

This was one of the better bridges and was just gorgeous.  It was one of the those sureal moments when I have to pinch myself and take a deep breath when I realize that we really are living in Africa.
Little Aiden straggling behind.
It was just breathtaking hiking through the rainforest.
Aiden made fast friends with our guide, Osmond. 
When we got there it was just beautiful.  John and I visited this waterfall when we lived here before, but it was even more beautiful than I remembered.
The kids with Bethany & Susanna.  Interesting thing, their father was one of the surgeons who started the hospital and they lived here when they were about the same ages as the kids.  And the kids just love them!
My little adventurers!
When we walked up to the waterfall there was a bunch of Africans there too.  As soon as they saw the kids, they all ran over to us and wanted to have their pictures taken with the kids and there was a few marriage proposal for the girls.  It kind of scared the kids so we didn't make them take pictures, but it was a definite change because we are usually the ones taking pictures of the Africans!
Bethany was so sweet and took Eliza out to swim close to the falls.
And Susanna took Livi and Aiden hiking on the rocks to get close!
After playing for a while in the water, Aiden found a good spot to rest.  I laughed when I saw this picture cause I thought it looks like he is sitting on an alligator....but it is just a log!
Time for lunch.
Livi cooling off in the water.
Love these little people.  It looks like I am strangling Aiden, but I promise I wasn't!
One more family picture in front of the waterfall.
So no, we don't get to go alot of places.....but the places we do get to go to are pretty amazing!

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  1. Just read your blog about your trip with the family to see the beautiful falls, etc. The pictures were unbelievable...never been to Africa...but you all made it really come "alive" on that trip you took! The kids must have had a "ball" too...cool water...to have fun in...etc. It was a nice relaxing time for you as parents too, we are sure!
    Well...need to get our beef roast on in the oven...we bake it all night on low..our class Servants for Christ is taking a meal to Kitty Askins tomorrow evening...pray that God will be Glorified! love you all and praying!


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