Saturday, November 30, 2013


Just a few pictures from our Thanksgiving here in Togo.  We celebrated with all the other missionaries here, mainly Americans but also a few Canadian missionaries.
 John and Aiden carving the turkey.  Aiden was just fascinated by the electric knife. 

Setting up the food in the pailloute (a gazebo) here on the hospital compound. 
 This is what Thanksgiving lunch looks like in Togo.  Not too bad, huh?
The only things missing were some of my Grandma's collards & turnips, and some of John's Grandmother's candy bar dessert!
 Eliza, Olivia and Cassie.  Sweet friends
 Drew, Aiden and Ansley
 Sweet Ansley has been pretty sick lately, but she did take a few bites of her first Thanksgiving meal.

John leading the time of singing and praises.
 James, one of the missionary kids, leading music.
 The MKs singing.
 What a great group of kids!
Our little family.
  So very blessed and so THANKFUL for all the Lord is doing.

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