Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Eve Deliveries

In light of Christmas, we wanted to do something extra to give to others.  Last year, we took the kids to the hospital to pass at tracts and coloring books.  But this year, we wanted to do something different.  We talked with one of our Togolese friends, Pastor Jeremy, to see if he knew of a couple families who could really use some help. The hard part is determining who needs it the most.  When you are surrounded by poverty it can be overwhelming trying to figure out where to even start.  So we thought Jeremy would best be able to choose 2 families who where very needy and who don't know Christ. 
This is the little store in Adeta where we went to buy the food.  It is a tiny little place, but they surprisingly have quite a lot of food things like rice, pasta, oil, mayonnaise, mustard, tomato paste, bouillon cubes, powdered milk,  and canned sardines.  So bought a little of everything!  We even found some little cookies for the children.
We packed 2 bags of goodies to bring to the 2 families.  The kids were so excited! 
Driving down the road.  Jeremy chose 2 families in this area where he has started a church.  They are both unsaved families.

John, Jeremy and Aiden carrying the food.

 One of the sweet little girls in the family.
Some of the children were a little unsure of the Yovo (white) family showing up at their home!

 Madame Elise (Pastor Jeremy's wife) came along with us and helped with Ansley.

When we arrived, they brought out benches and chairs for us all to sit on.  It is very customary.

This is the stove where they cook.

When we gave them the food we also were able to share the Gospel with them.  Pastor Jeremy translated into Kabiye.  John was able to share with them that the food we gave them will only last so long.  And that they will become hungry again.  But Jesus is able to fill the hunger of the soul!
The patriarch of the family.

Some of the other family members.

Ansley, of course, was a hit!

This was the second home we went to.  The wife is expecting her second child and recently lost her husband.  She just cried as we gave her the food and Madame Elise talked with her about salvation.  Please pray for her.  Her name is Da Bebe.  I would like to visit her again.
The kids were so excited to see all the food.  The little girl with braids is the daughter of one of our Togolese friends.  She ran over to see what was going on when the van pulled up.


It is so easy to become overwhelmed when you are surrounded by so much need and suffering.  I often wondered what is was like for Jesus as He was constantly confronted by those with great need.  He did not heal everyone.  He did not fix everyone's situation.  He was able to but He chose not to. He, of course, had great wisdom in choosing to act as He did.   We can not heal everyone and we can not fix the economic situation in Togo.  We can not take away the hurt from losing a loved one. We can make a difference in people lives as we have the opportunity to by showing them Christ.  It takes a lot of prayer seeking the Lord's direction and wisdom, but we were thankful for this opportunity to reach out to someone in need and show them the love of Christ.

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  1. It truly is more blessed to give than receive. We are truly blessed in America and take for granted the simple pleasures in our lives. May God continue to bless you and your family.

    Thank you for sharing-Sara S.


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