Sunday, February 23, 2014

Is it soccer or is it football??

This past Sunday afternoon we had the opportunity to watch a soccer game between our hospital team and another village team.  Well, we call it soccer but apparently the rest of the world calls it football! Anyways......
It was rainy when the game started, but we didn't mind.  It really cooled things off and made for great weather for the game.
 I love this shot. 
The guy is using a huge teak tree leave as an umbrella!
 Eliza and Olivia watching from the sidelines.
 John was trying to keep Ansley dry.  And of course, Aiden found a stick to play with.  It doesn't take much to entertain him.
 But the real reason we went to the game was because Tchigbo, the coach (the guy in red to the left of John) asked John to give a devotional at half time for both teams.  It was a really good chance to share the Gospel.
 John gave a devotion from Psalm 20:7 "Some trust in chariots and some trust in horses: but we will remember the name of the Lord".  He challenged everyone to make sure they are putting their faith and eternal hope in the ONLY ONE who is truly trustworthy, Jesus!  He was able to share with them that our physical lives here on Earth are temporal,  but we do have an eternal soul.  Eternity in Heaven can only be secured by trusting in Jesus Christ, not by works or by family ties, or by fetish rituals or false religions.  Only faith in Christ can take us to Heaven. 
 He did a great job and we are praying that the Holy Spirit would use what he said to challenge people to live a life trusting in Christ!

Some of the guys from the other team listening to John's devotion.
After halftime, the kids weren't as interested in the game.  They found a large tree stump to climb on and had fun playing while the game ended.
Even though we lost 0-2(the refs stunk!!!) we had a great time cheering for our team!
 And we pray that the words John shared will impact someone's heart for eternity.

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