Sunday, May 25, 2014

A HUGE Praise and Prayer Request

They did it!!  They are finished!!!  Praise the Lord.  It is hard to believe that the 3 year program is coming to an end.  God has been so faithful in working in these 20 students' lives both academically and spiritually.  All praise belongs to Him for what He has accomplished!
 And while I remember when the students were being chosen and when the program began, I have been so thankful to have even a very small part of the program for the last year and a half.
A few weeks back the Nursing Class Chorale went to one of our churches to sing.  We went to the Baptist church in Kpodzi.  Since their are 20 students, 3 instructors and one administrative assistant we had to take 2 vans.  We left the hospital compound early and picked up students along the main road.
Once we picked everyone up, we needed to practice.  We had planned to stop at the Adeta Church, but due to the road work we couldn't get there.  So, we just stopped on the side of the road and had a quick practice time!
 Pastor Happy teaching Sunday school.  He has been a faithful pastor for many years!

The church choir marched in and sang us a welcome song.
Some of the men in our nursing class.  For the past year or so, I have been praying that the Lord would raise up some leaders from among these young men.  They are going to be the heart of the work in the new hospital in Mango.  More than the doctors, more than the missionaries.  These nurses will be at the bedside of Fulani patients, of Muslims patients, of so many unsaved patients.  They have the ability to reach into the patients lives like no one else will. My prayer is that they will be godly leaders whom the Lord will use to change that city for Him!
Dr. Sharon Rahilly, the program director, thanking the church for inviting the choral to come sing.
The nursing student choir.  It was such a blessing listening to them sing!

Outside the church building

Ok, this little girl kept following me around as I took pictures so I just had to take a picture of her.
Beni (on the right) is one of our students who is originally from Northern Togo and was raised a Muslim.  He has an incredible testimony of how he came to know Christ and he is excited to share it!  I can hardly wait to see how God uses him to reach other Muslims.
Some of the ladies in the class

Although this was a few weeks ago, I waited to post it so that I could also ask you to pray for this upcoming week.  We have several big events for the week that will end on Saturday with the graduation ceremony.  Please pray for the little things that need to be done in preparation for graduation, but more than that please pray that the ceremony will be God honoring and that it will be evident to all who attend that truly the Lord has done great things

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