Monday, October 22, 2012

My Little Man is 3

I have alot of mixed emotions today. Three years ago today, the Lord blessed me and John with a beautiful baby boy. We had not found out the gender, so when the doctor said "It's a BOY!!" we were thrilled. Of course, we would have loved a third girl (and I actually thought it was going to be a girl!) but the addition of a little boy to the family was so special.

Today, we are not together. It hurts my heart to be away from him on his birthday, but I keep telling myself that this is where God wants us right now. Earlier, I was feeling a little blue so I decided to look back at some pictures of Aiden from the last 3 years. Instead of being sad for this one day that we are apart, I am thanking God for all the other amazing moments we have shared together.

John Aiden- 9lbs 1oz.  October 22, 2009

It is still hard to believe I have a son!

Sweet cheeks- 1 week old

Eliza & Olivia were instantly in love!

Sweet laughs!

Baby Jesus in the church Christmas program.  Aiden was 6 weeks old.

 1st Christmas was spent in the hospital with severe RSV.  We went home 12/26.

Easter 2010

4 Generations of Groeneveld men.  Aiden is the only great grandson so far to carry on the name.

The girls checking on Aiden first thing in the morning.

Fall 2010

Aiden turns 1!!!

Thanksgiving 2010

Christmas 2010

Disney World January 2011

Such a little man.  Spring 2011

July 4th, 2011

Aiden turns 2, October 22 2011

Thanksgiving 2011---my 3 turkeys!

Aiden loves collecting and grouping things together

Aiden and his best bud- his Daddy

Beach Trip May 2012

Summer fun at the splash pad- 2012

Rotten thing!! 

Pickle Festival 2012

Loving life at Grandma & Grandpa's, 2012

The only grandson on John's side of the family.  And another neice is due in a few months!

Always doing something outside!
We are so thankful the Lord gave us this little boy.  And believe me, he is ALL boy!!!  I think when we get back home there will be some un-spoiling to do after 2 months with the Grandparents & Auntie!!!

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