Friday, October 26, 2012

Language School

Right now, we are sitting in a hotel near the Charles De Gaulle Airport.  Our flight back home leaves in the morning.  I am amazed that we are here.  In someways, the last 2 months have gone by quickly; yet at other times, the moments away from our children were unbearable.

What comes to mind is the grace of God that allowed us to make through this challenging time.  What a display of the expression that "the will of God will not take you where the grace of God can not keep you". It has only been by His help that we were able to do this!

So what have we done for the last eight weeks here in language school?  Well, it is kind of hard to explain.  We had classes 4 days a week that covered vocabulary, grammar, conjugation and phonetics, written and oral expression and oral/writen comprehension.   We also had classes on Biblical French where we learned the books of the Bible in French, the names of God in French, learned how to pray in French and learned French songs. Now, were are not fluent in French....that takes years!  But we have learned so much and will continue to work with a tutor once we get to Togo to help us continue to learn.

Some days were completely overwhelming.  Other days were completely humbling.  But through it all we learned to rely on the Lord!

Today we said goodbye to some amazing people.  They are all here to learn French so that they can serve the Lord in missions.  While we know we will never see some of them again here on Earth, we know that they will go on to do great things for the Lord.  And one day, in Heaven we will all see each other again.....and not have to worry about French!!

John and his brother from another mother, Sweny from Iceland.  He and his wife Anita (from Norway) and their 2 beautiful children are going Mali, West Africa

John and some of his class mates.  His teacher Valerie (on the far right in the green sweater) was born in Benin and lived in Togo for a while.

Me and sweet Agaate, from the Netherlands.  She also is a nurse and is headed to Guinea West Africa.

My wonderful class!!  My professor, Regine (right of me in the teal sweater) was absolutely wonderful.  Somehow, she made learning French fun!  She served as a missionary in Madagascar for over 20 years and has such a love for the Lord.

I hated to say goodbye to these wonderful people, but I am so very excited to see 3 special little people tomorrow!

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