Monday, March 18, 2013


One thing we really enjoy about being here in Togo is being able to visit many of the ABWE churches that have been established since the mission first came to Togo in the 70's. The churches can be anywhere from a brand new church plant that meets under a thatch roof hut or it may be a mature, well established,self-sustaining church.
Church in the Village of Dzogbekpime

However, one thing that unites all the churches, regardless of their stage of growth, is their unabashed love for the Lord! It is such a blessing to sit and listen to these Togolese preachers share the Word with some who are hearing it for the first time. The scripture passages they choose and the illustrations they use give such insight into the needs and struggles of this beautiful culture.

Pastor Theo
Pastor Theo is starting his 2nd church plant! So he oversees 3 churches right now.

And it always make me smile (and wish I was a little Pentacostal! ) when they sing! Many of the people don't have hymn books and many of the churches only have crude shakers or a one string base to keep rhythm, but to hear the Togolese sing is like getting a glimpse of Heaven!
They sing from a place in their hearts that many of us "westerners" never access when we worship the Lord through music.
They sing about the goodness of God in a way that a person can only when they have had to rely so heavily on the Lord for even the smallest needs.
They thank God for the things that so many of us never thank the Lord for, because we have never gone without.
They sing about counting their blessings when so much of the world would call them poor and impoverished.
They sing about a new life in Christ truly knowing that they have a new life from their old ways of fetishism and animism.

Our family with Pastor Theo, Madame Akofa (his wife), and 2 of their 4 sons.  Such an amazing, godly family. 
I know as missionaries we are supposed to be here to teach them, but I am humbled at the things the Togolese teach me!

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