Saturday, February 23, 2013


Ever since we arrived the girls have been dying to learn French. They are both rather social creatures and have been frustrated that they can't carry on coversations with the Togolese. They have even asked, "If WE can't speak French, how can WE tell the Togolese about Jesus?".  There are a few Togolese and several Ghanaians who speak English here at the hospital and the girls just love being able to talk with them, but have really expressed a desire to learn French.

One day, while John and I were discussing our schedule with our French tutor Eliza asked, "When do we start French classes?".  John and I just kind of looked at each other and said, "Sure!"  We talked with our tutor and he was more than willing to work with the girls. He is a wonderful Christian man who was a teacher for over 30 years. Now, he works with alot of the missionaries who want to continue language learning and often works with the missionary kids.
Mr. Tukpo teaching the girls French greetings. 

Listening intently as Mr. Tukpo teaches.

It is so neat to watch them have their class.  Mr. Tukpo, who is an older man, will get down on the ground with them and play dolls or color using that to teach French.  He also helps them tie the babies on their backs like the Togolese women!

Olivia, Eliza & Mr. Tukpo reviewing colors in French while coloring.

The girls were just giddy on the day of their first lesson and have really enjoyed it so far. And they really are learning!  Now when people greet them in French and ask them their names they are able to answer in French! I am so proud of them and thankful that they have a desire to get to know the Togolese people.  And as Olivia always reminds me, a desire to learn French so they can tell the Togolese about Jesus too!

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