Monday, October 14, 2013

Ansley's first time to Church

Oh wow!  Whoever said the days are longs but the years are fast wasn't kidding!!  I really can not believe how quickly time is going by.  I have a LONG list of post I need to write, but I am still so behind.  So here is yet another post from a few months back!! 

A few months ago we took Ansley to church for the first time. Now, she had been to church here on the compound, but this was her first big outing.  We chose to go to the church of Pastor Theo and his wife Madame Akofa in the village of Dzogbekpime.  I had to take a few pictures!


Madame Akofa with Ansley

Aren't the children just beautiful!?

Our kids kind of stick out!!

Such sweet faces

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