Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Ansley's 1st Birthday

What a fun weekend we had around here on Easter weekend!  Saturday we had a birthday party for sweet little Ansley, along with an Easter egg hunt for all the MKs.  Then Sunday, we celebrated Easter!!
My sweet Ansley is 1 year old!
 My four crazy kids!  Sure do love these little people.


 She didn't care too much for the cupcake.  She would barely stick a finger and taste.  I held it up to her mouth for a taste...and still nothing!  She wouldn't eat it.  She can't be my child and not like cupcakes!!! 
 She was however, very fond of some chocolate that her Aunt Susanna let her have.
 She's got him wrapped.  He is such a softy when it comes to his girls.
 And I have to admit, I am pretty smitten by her too!

 Ansley and her little buddy Noah who is the cutest thing ever!  He is about 8 months old and is such a happy little guy.   His parents prayed for a son for almost 8 years so it was such an answer to prayer when he was born.

 Ansley's sisters love her as much today as they did when they first saw her.  I thought some of the "newness" would wear off over time, but it hasn't.  Eliza & Olivia still love to drag her around.  I just can't convince them that she is a "real" baby, not a baby doll!

 Time for games!!

Some of the docs getting ready for the balloon game.  Since the hospital and ministries are so stressful and demanding it is always so nice to get together just to have some fun.  Even the adults played the games and had fun.

Musical chairs- a classic party game that always leads to great laughs!

 Dr. Kelly (Ansley's pediatrician) is such a riot!
 We ended the party with an Easter egg hunt for all the kids.  It was lots of fun!
We are so very thankful for the other missionaries and MKs that God has brought into our lives.  It was sad today that none of our "real families" could be here to celebrate, but our missionary family all came out the celebrate.  What a blessing that they love our kids like their own grandkids, nieces and nephews.   We couldn't ask for more!

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