Monday, April 14, 2014

Mobile Medical Clinic- Aveho

One evangelistic outreach the hospital has is Mobile Medical Clinics.  The purpose of these clinics is to get into villages to provide medical care with the intent of sharing the Gospel.  We have these clinics once a month in different villages.  This village, Aveho, was a little less than a hour drive from the hospital.  John usually goes, but this time Dr. Gayle invited the whole family to come along. 
First things first- John and Dr. Gayle(the doc who started mobile clinics) meet the chief of the village along with his wife.  Introductions are made and Dr. Gayle explains to the chief that we came not only to take care of physical needs but also to help take care of spiritual needs. The chief was delighted that we came to his village.
 Next, comes setting things up.  John & Dr. Gayle unload the van with the supplies we brought.
 This is a "pharmacy in a box" loaded up with various meds that we might need for patients.  While we are setting up, people begin to arrive.
Dr. Gayle was great with the kids.  He was explaining different meds to Olivia and Aiden.  Sometimes I think our kids know way more than should about things like malaria, surgery, and is obvious they come from a medical family! :)
 The whole family got involved setting things up.  Here, John and the girls are making little bags of meds(antibiotics, vitamins, antimalarials) to send home with patients.
 Aiden enjoyed sorting the little bags.

Olivia helped John count pills...
 ...while Eliza helped Dr. Gayle label the bags.
 The makeshift pharmacy ready for patients.
 As we are setting up, Gnoyi (one of the Togolese nurses who has been trained like a physician assistant) does some teaching on high blood pressure and also some teaching on Ebola which has recently broke out in West Africa.
Once all the patients have arrived, Pastor Jeremie shares the Gospel message with those waiting. That is the Chief sitting to the right of Jeremie.

He does a great job using the EvangaCube to explain our separation from God through sin and our chance for restoration to God through Jesus Christ.

After the preaching, the medical clinic begins.  Eliza & Olivia helped check people in and show them where to go.
Checking the village Chief's vital signs. 

Dr. Gayle manning the pharmacy.
Several years ago, he and his wife gave up their practice in the States to serve in missions.
I'm sure when he first started med school with his sights set on being a doctor he never imagined that one day he would be practicing medicine from the back of an old van!  But this ministry really is his doing!
John seeing patients on the front porch of the chief's house.
His line of patients waiting to be seen and treated.

Luke 9:2  And he(Jesus) sent them to preach the kingdom of God and to heal the sick
Pastor Jeremie talking one on one with an older man
 And while the adults did the serious work, the kids did what kids do best...they played!

 The played with a soccer ball and a Frisbee and they played in the dirt...for hours. 

I made a picnic lunch and brought it along.

 I was so very proud of Eliza, Olivia and Aiden.  We were there until 5pm and they didn't complain once about the heat or the lack of a working toilet.  They really had a great time serving others.
 I just love these 2 pictures of Aiden playing with some Togolese boys.  They couldn't speak to each other but they played together all day.  They laughed, they ran, they played ball, they dug in the dirt.....really, they bonded without ever saying a word. 

After all the patients were seen, John was able to have some fun too.  The kids loved him playing Frisbee.  I think I took 50 pictures of them playing Frisbee because their little faces were just lit with joy and laughter.  It really is the simple things.

We had such a great day working together as a family.  It was hot, sweaty, dirty and tiring but when we drove away that day our hearts were overflowing with joy.  I am so thankful we were able to do this together as a family and experience the reward of serving others.

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