Monday, April 2, 2012

What a Way to Spend a Saturday Afternoon!!!

I LOVE our church.  It is a vibrant, growing church that has not compromised on Scripture or standards.  There are alot of great churches out there, but I think our's is the best!  Last weekend at  church was our annual "Big Day" where a big push is made to get visitors and new people to church.  On Saturday, we had a special day just for the Bus Ministry.  These are kids that only come to church because someone comes to pick them up and bring them.  My girls see the buses and ask, "why don't their mommies & daddies bring them?".  Even they realize that it should be the parents bringing them to hear about Jesus.  I worked on the buses as a teenager and I am so thankful for this ministry that seeks out these children to let them know that Jesus does love them....even when no one else seems to.

Brother Myron preaching to the kids about the ABCs of salvation.

Passing out candy.....always a hit!

If we don't tell this little girl about Jesus, who will??

All these little faces just amazed me.  So many of them from broken homes, homes where no one even notices if they are gone for the afternoon, home where no one shows them love, homes that never tell them about Jesus.

The pinata was fun!!

Eliza and Meredith, one of the bus workers.  Eliza had fun helping with the kids and showing them were to sit!

Tim & Mary Ann Wiggins, just 2 of many of Faith's wonderful bus workers.

Larry Hudson, a Child Evangelism Fellowship missionary...the kids all love him!

Some of the buses lined up to bring the kids back home.

This sweet little boy prayed to accept Jesus as his Saviour!  I think they were around 50 people saved last weekend!

I was one of the workers in the auditorium and so I didn't make it over to the gym where they had huge inflatables and pizza for the kids.  John and I left and he commented on how much he enjoyed the afternoon.... it reminded us of the  Kid's Club we helped with in Togo. So thankful for Faith Church and how it reaches out to others!

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