Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I don't want an appointment!!!

Wow!  It is so hard to believe that we are at the point where we need to get passports.  Since mine & John's were renewals we were able to simply mail the renewal application in.  For the kids, we had to make an appointment at the Post Office and bring the whole family in. 

Of course, the only appointment time they had for the next several weeks was right in the middle of nap time!  But the kids were all troopers.  Poor Livi cried on the way there. She kept saying, "I don't want an appointment!!!"  It took me a while to figure out why she was so upset, but then I realized she thought this was the appointment where she gets a shot!  After I assured her this was not going to be that kind of appointment she was all smiles.
Eliza was excited she got to carry the papers in! And Olivia was happy once she knew no one was getting a shot!
My brave girls walking in, hand in hand.  I am nervous and excited to see
 how they handle all the changes over the next few months.
Poor Aiden was alseep and had to be woken up for the appointment.

Livi waiting for the PO worker to return with our papers.

Once he woke up, Aiden loved playing with the pen that was chained to the counter!

It should take 4 to 6 weeks for the kids passports to be processed and mailed to us.  Please pray that everything goes smoothly and quickly.  Next we have to apply for Visas!  

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