Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The dreaded appointment

The kids knew this day would come......but that didn't make it any easier.  On the ride there, I kept asking myself, "Is it wrong to lie to your children if it will make things easier on them?".  I'm kidding, but I was tempted to tell them something, anything, other than we were getting our Yellow Fever Vaccines.   I put it off as long as I could, but once we were checked in and put in our room, Olivia asked the question, "Mommy, are we gonna get shots?".  It was so hard to have to answer "Yes, baby, but just one."  She didn't like that answer.  Eliza was my brave one.....she volunteered Daddy to go first, then mommy!  All in all they did great with only a few tears that were short lived.  After the shots were over, Eliza asked, "Do we have to get a shot to get back into America?".   Poor kid!
This was before we went in....they still didn't know what was coming!

Trying to entertain the took almost 3 hours at the walk in clinic.  They are the only place in Goldsboro that carries the Yellow Fever Vaccine.

Poor Olivia was not looking forward to this.
All the kids got 3 stickers each!  They thought that was pretty special!

Olivia & Eliza proudly showing their official Yellow Fever Cards.  They are much happier now....a trip to McDonalds helped put the shot incident behind them!

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