Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Party time!!

OK, so this is going to be a totally non-spiritual post....sorry!   The kids are off with my parents and John is at clinicals so I had the house and day to myself.  I was trying to decide what to do.....massage, pedicure, shopping.  But decided instead to get something done in preparation for Togo.  I had already done this once before, but lost the stuff in the fire.  So I thought today, without the kiddos, would be a great time!  

One thing, albeit not really important in light of eternity, that I have worried about in Togo for the kids is their birthdays. I know, not a big deal.....but I wanted to prepare so that their birthdays there would still be special. Remember, there is no Wal-Mart or party store to get your party supplies! So after a trip to good ole WalMart I came home with this......

 I got birthday supplies for each kids for 2 years!  From Rupunzel, to Toy Story to Lightning McQueen.  Nothing real fancy, but I think it will be special to them.

             I even got candles for their ages!

And I picked up some treat bags and party favors.

                Then I bagged them all up and labeled them with the child's name and age.  Each bag has plates, cups, a tablecloth, napkins, silverware and their age candle.

To be honest, I really debated doing this.  I wondered if it really matters....should I spend the money on it (although it was only about $7 a bag).  But then I pictured the kids on their birthdays and I decided to do it.   Is it over kill?   Maybe.  But when you are 4 & 5....it matters!

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  1. think you will be glad to have those things. I've been in the Congo for 2 1/2 years now. I didn't really think to bring anything like that with me, but have been able to have things brought with visitors and from a few mailed packages. Just a few little things can make your kids feel really special. :)
    One thing that I did was hit the dollar store a few times to get some things to use as prizes for school. Those were a big hit. When you're in the US, those things are so common place that the kids may not get very excited about them. But if you are somewhere that you can't buy many toys and treats, they seem pretty special.


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