Friday, August 16, 2013

Happy 7th Birthday Eliza

Well, we finally got a new computer so now I will be able to catch up on some blog posts....from the last 3 months!!  Yikes!  Our other laptop is dying and would not let me posts blogs.  I hope to catch up over the next couple days.

And what better thing to restart blogging with than a PARTY!!  Eliza turned 7 Wednesday...cue the tears.  I can not believe John and I have a seven year old child, especially a 7 year old who thinks she is 27!  So here are a few pics of her big day that started out with, "Mommy, I think I am taller today.  Really, I am."
 Eliza saw a picture of a 14 layer cake and told me that was the cake she wanted for her birthday.  With the heat and humidity (and apparently my lack of baking 14 layer cake skills) it wasn't the prettiest cake, but she was happy with it!
 It definitely tasted better than it looked.

My oldest and my youngest.

All of the missionary kids who came to party with Eliza.  They just had to do a silly face pose.
Sam, Grant, Olivia, Eliza, Aiden, Luke and Drew

Giant gum balls that Nanny & Popa brought over a few weeks ago.

The Rapunzel theme was a least for the girls!  The boys at the party were troopers. When the kids came in, Eliza said, "Boys, I am sorry it's a girly party."  And Grant said, "That's ok, Eliza.  It's your party and you are a girl!"  Such a sweet boy.
This brought tears to my eyes.  The little lego treasure box was a gift from Sam.  And the lego man was from the Dekryger boys.  They all ran home and tried to find something to give Liza for a gift.  Kids have such a different perspective on "things" here.  So I thought it was very thoughtful that these boys gave something of their own. In a way it was more than a simple gift.  I was a sacrifice.

 Eliza said this was her favorite gift.  I think she knew it was special!
Party time!!! Hot dogs (that I found in Lome), Pringles and oranges.  What more does a kid need!!

While the big kids partied, Ansley was happy just to hang out and watch. 

Aiden and Grant

Eliza and Lizzy

Luke and Lizzy

Opening gifts.
Outside for games!

Aiden and Liza watching the other kids play.
I just LOVE this picture.  This is Eliza and Madame Akofa on the day Eliza was born and then again on her 7th birthday.  Eliza simply adores Madame Akofa.

John and I took Eliza over to the hospital to show her where she was born.  While we were there we saw Soudji (one of my nursing students 7 years ago who knew Eliza as a baby) and he sang "Happy Birthday" to her in French.  You can tell she was all giggles!
John showing Eliza off right after she was born. And then now on her Birthday.
Just a few minutes after Eliza was born.  Excuse my appearance.  I sure do look like I just gave birth to a 9 lb. 13 oz. baby, after 40 hours of labor....without pain the Africa! Yikes!
  And then, me and Eliza in the same room she was born in 7 years ago. 

Eliza is such a gift to our family. I am amazed at the kind, loving young lady she is becoming.  We are so blessed! 

 Happy Birthday Sweet Eliza!

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