Friday, August 16, 2013

Togoville- A Fetish Village

John's sister, Jeana, recently came for a visit. The day before she left from Lome (the capital port city) we went to Togoville which is the oldest village in Togo.  It sets on the side of Lake Togo so we were able to take an old fishing boat across the lake and walk around the old village that is still steeped in Fetishism.

Lake Togo

On board the old fishing boat. The kids started singing, "Peter, James & John on the sailboat".

Hooking up the sail.
 This guy paddled our way across the large lake.  It took about 20 minutes to cross and the whole time I was praying I wouldn't get sick!

The shore of Togoville with some old fishing boats.

Out fishing.

 An old Catholic church in Togoville.


While this is the first established, and oldest, village in Togo it actually looks just like the villages where we live.

 The first real well.  It is still the main only water source for the village.
Children collecting water from the well.
We were able to pay a few dollars and have a guide walk us around the village. The village is known for its deep involvement in fetsish practices.  As we walked, the guide pointed out various fetish trinkets.  This apparently was the site of a small fetish sacrifice that took place shortly before we arrived.
 This large tree is the center of the village where sacrifices are made in order to appease the spirits.
 A closer picture of the fetish tree.

This is the female fetish idol for the village 
 This scene just broke my heart.  While we were deeply disturbed by all the fetish involvement in the village, for these children is it commonplace. They were running around playing right by the idols.  Unless they hear about Jesus, they most likely will grow up to be involved in these same fetish practices.

 This is the male fetish idol.  While it looks very old (and it is probably close to 100 years old according to the guide) it is still being used for fetish services.
 Another fetish item just outside someone's home.

 More of the village.
 This is the fetish tree that is believed to protect families in the village.  Families will make sacrifices under this tree in order to gain the protection of the spirits for their family. Their put their efforts into appeasing spirits.   How sad.  I am thankful that I can rest under the wings of an Almighty God who has promised to care for my family!
 Just outside the village.  While we walked around and the guide pointed out the fetish items the kids, of course, had lots of questions.  They were saddened to hear that these people do not believe in Jesus.  What a great reminder to them and us of why we are here.


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