Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Singing in the Rain!!!

The heat the last few days has been rather oppressive. I thought it was just my pregnant self struggling with the heat until I heard other missionaries saying it was extra hot lately. And then, when you see the nationals sweating and hear them say it's hot....then you know it is REALLY hot! I have no idea what the actual temperature has been these last few days. I try not to look at the thermometer.   It seems like it is easier if I just don't know! But I would guess it has been well over 100 in the shade outside and in the upper 90's inside our house! The other morning as I was teaching the girls, I noticed they both had sweat dripping down their faces....but they don't complain! I have prayed (seriously I have!!) for grace to deal with the heat.  I am not complaining about the heat, but I have said several times over the last week that I am ready for rainy season to begin.

Obviously, the Lord knows about the heat and today He chose to smile on me. You see, it is Harmattan right now. You can Google it, but basically it is the time of year where the dust from the Sahara dessert travels south and coats everything here with a lovely layer of dust. There also is NO rain for several months. I think the last time it rained was early Decemeber.....until today!!! Hallelujah!

I noticed the air seemed a little cooler this morning (relatively speaking of course!) when I was cleaning up from breakfast so I told the kids to go play outside and enjoy the cooler air before we start school. As I was putting things away, Eliza comes running in the house practically screaming "It's gonna storm!!! I can hear it!! It's gonna storm!!" I walked outside and looked and sure enough it looked like rain clouds coming over the mountain.
Looking for the rain.  Even the kids seemed desperate for a little relief. You can see how brown and dry the gound is. 

Aiden watching the storm clouds roll over

And then I hear it...... the beautiful roll of thunder in the distance. I told the kids we will have to wait and see because it might not actually rain here.

Before I got the words out of my mouth, Aiden starts jumping up and down, "The wain Mommy! I can feel it!" It started to sprinkle and they all just had a fit running around and trying to catch the rain.  They played in it, danced in it, and sang in it!  It was quite the sight to see how excited they became over a little rain.

Trying to catch the rain drops. 

The kids were surprised how cold the rain felt when it hit there skin.  Eliza said, "Mommy, when the rain touches me I get these little spots on my arms."   I looked at her arms and saw that she had goose bumps!  Then  I realized that she hasn't been cool enough here to have goosebumps!

It only rained a few minutes and was just a sprinkle.   But we sure enjoyed it while it lasted.

Then, this afternoon, one of the other missionaries stopped by to see the kids and play some games. 

While they were playing, the wind picked up and it started again!!!! But this time, it poured!!!

Eliza trying to catch the rain falling off the metal roof.

The kids loved the feel of the cold rain!

Aiden had so much fun playing in the rain.....and in the puddles.
When it was all over, they were just drenched.  But they had such a great time.  Eliza even said, "Mommy, God knew you needed it to rain today!'  I know it seems like something small.  Did God make it rain here in Tsiko just for me?  No, probably not.  But it was a reminder to me that He knows our limits and today He knew that I needed just a little break from the Harmattan heat.


  1. I absolutely loved this BLOG!!! It really made me miss their little faces! Landrey loved seeing the pictures and said there's Aiden!!! She misses her buddy... Miss you guys and praying for more "showers of blessings" to come your way! :)

  2. This is great to read and see the life you are living over on the mission field. I really enjoy seeing your precious children! God bless you all and my prayers are with you daily!


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