Friday, January 25, 2013

We got mail!!!!

We got mail!!!!  A couple letters and cards have arrived since we have been here, but when we got word from another missionary that we had a package at the village post office the kids were beside themselves with excitement....and I must admit that John and I were a little excited too!

The nearest post office is in the next village, Adeta.

It was right around lunch time when we heard, but had to wait until after the "siesta" hours for the post office to open back up.  The kids could hardly take naps because they were so excited to get the packages.
Can you tell it's a little sunny!!??
Aiden was still asleep(and sometimes still sleeps til 5 in the evening when the PO closes) and the girls just couldn't wait any longer.  So John borrowed a car and took the girls to the post office.  And they found out that we had 2 packages waiting!  One package from both sets of grandparents.

So much excitement opening the boxes!
It was a family affair when Aiden finally woke up and we got to open the boxes.  I happened to notice the shipping sticker on the boxes and saw that they each cost $60 just to mail!!!  I felt just awful that they spent so much just for shipping.  It probably cost more to mail them than the value of what was in the boxes.....but that's granparents for you!  And if the grandparents could have seen the excitement and heard the squeals as we opened the boxes I know they would probably pay 10 times that!

The girls loved the Christmas monkeys!  The box was sent well before Christmas.....but took over 6 weeks to get here!

And Aiden was pretty thrilled about his Hot Wheels

So "thank you" to Nanny & Popa and Mamaw & Papaw!  It was quite the day for the kids!   Who would have thought that 2 little packages could mean so much. 

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