Monday, January 28, 2013

I'm just a LITTLE NUT

This term has been quite a bit different for me than our last term here. When we came in 2005 it was just me and John, so I was able to be very involved in ministries both in the hospital and outside the hospital. I had several Bible studies, worked in the hospital staffing, and taught the nursing students both in the classroom and at clinicals.

This time around, things are quite different. I knew that coming back with 3 children, and expecting a 4th, would change things but I wasn't sure how it would all work out. Right now, I am about 99% mommy and 1% nurse.   I often tell people that I am just a nut here! The whole ministry is a big wagon wheel churning away trying to share the Gospel. Some people are the frame, some are the spokes, some are the center piece. And then there is me....I am just a LITTLE NUT in the frame of the wheel that nobody notices or even knows is there!  Right now, my ministry is here at home with the kids.  Most days, I don't do anything grand to write home about. I am just a mommy. But then I realize that being "just a mommy" is exactly the ministry the Lord's wants me to have right now.

Even though I ADORE being a mom and homeschooling the kids, I have prayed that the Lord would give me oppurtunities to be involved here and there in ministries outside the home. But since there is no child care and no grandparents to call on to help with kids, much of what I have done so far involves the kids.  So I was rather excited last week when I had the chance to work with the nursing students for just a couple hours Thursday and Friday afternoons. John was able to arrange his schedule so he could stay with the kids.

I was pure giddy as I headed to the school! I was so excited to get the chance to pour into these amazing young people that the Lord brought into this nursing program. They all went through a strenuous application process and were all highly recommended by their pastors. One really important thing to know is that they all applied to this program knowing that they may be sent up north 8 hours away(to Mango) to work in the new hospital. So they are all willing to leave their homes and families in order to reach the Muslim people in Togo. Essentially, they are missionaries! What servants hearts they all have as they show their willingness to sacrifice in order to reach their own people for the Lord.

I was able to teach the students some English/medical terminology, as well as how to read progress notes, interpret orders and how to find information in the charts. These students have it tougher than most.  They deal with mainly English speaking doctors/PAs/NPs who write their notes and orders in English and most of them know very little English!  So not only are they learning anatomy & physiology, pharmacology, assessments, and skills, but they also have to learn some English along the way!  We had great time together and I look forward to working with them again.....and being something other than a nut!

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