Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The newest Groeneveld is here!!!

When I woke up this morning, I never thought that today would be the day when our newest family member arrived. It was mid morning when she made her grand arrival. It all began with a knock at the screen door and three Togolese men standing there......then, and I saw her face and fell in love.  Ok, maybe not in love, but the kids were definitely in love and THRILLED at the idea of having a monkey.  And honestly,  it just wouldn't be right for a kid to grow up in Africa and not have a pet monkey!  What kind of mother would I be if I deprived them of that!!??

Now don't you think she is pretty cute??  How could I turn her away??

Poor little thing was so thirsty when she got here.

I love Livi & Aiden's expressions here.  They are so excited about having a monkey.  At lunch, Liza prayed and thanked God for "our new baby monkey".

Trying to help her warm up to everyone.
The girls are worried about her having enough to eat.  So they constantly offer her palm nuts.

These 2 are quickly becoming friends!  Aiden spent most of the morning sitting right next to her.  At nap time he cried saying, "I want the monkey to sleep with me in my bed!" I quickly assured him that the monkey would NOT be coming into the house!

At first the men wanted 15,000 CFA(which is $30) for her but they finally agreed to 7,000 CFA, which is about $14. We are trying to find a harness or collar for her and then she will live in the trees right by the house. Little monkeys like her will eat mainly fruits, veggies, and bugs, and lizards.

The men told us they got her in the bush, which probably means they shot her mother (for the meat) and then brought her to the yovo's (white people) because they know we will buy the babies. And they were right. I just couldn't send her back into the bush to fend for herself without a mommy....blame it on the pregancy hormones!

So now, not only am I living in Africa.....but I have a monkey!!

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