Thursday, February 14, 2013

Tsavie Church

This past Sunday we had planned to visit a newer church here in Togo.  It is not exactly new, but was just starting when we lived here before. We attended this church some when they met in a small courtyard where the chicken and goats roamed,  so we were excited to see their new building.  Well, we were all dressed and ready to go when Olivia said, "Mommy, I don't feel good.  I don't think I can go."  Remember, out here the churches don't have bathrooms or running water, so you really don't want to be far from home if someone is sick.  So, John and I decided that I would stay home with Livi and he would take the other two to Tsavie.

This is the kids Sunday School.  They meet outside under a
thatch roof.  At least there is good air circulation because there
aren't any walls!
I was hoping to get a bunch a pictures of the church building, so I sent the camera with him and asked him to get a few pictures and he got a couple really good ones of the kids!  It's kind of like playing "Where's Waldo?"  but instead, it's "Where's the Yovos??"

Zinatou teaching the Sunday School lesson.  Liza said it was about Mary & Joseph.....but it was all in Ewe (since the small children don't speak French) so I am not sure what the lesson was really about.  Nonetheless, she enjoyed the story time!
 Liza and Aiden were up front with their good friends Sam and Lizzie who recently arrived here in Togo.  The really exciting thing is the teacher in this picture, Zinatou, is a nurse now, but was one of my nursing students during our last term.  It's hard to tell because the story card is in front of her, but she is expecting a baby and our due dates are very close to each other.  It is such am amazing experience seeing so many of the nursing students serving the Lord in their churches, working in the hospital and many of them working as clinical instructors for the new group of Togolese nursing students!

Hopefully, the next time we head to Tsavie everyone will be feeling well!!

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