Friday, August 24, 2012


It was late, well past 10pm. And after an emotional day and 11 hours of driving, we were so ready to stop for the night.  We found a Holiday Inn Express (they allow pets and we have our dog with us) and piled out of the cars.  John was finishing checking us in at the front desk so I, along with the luggage, children and dog headed for the room.  I think it was Eilza who used the key card to open the door.  I was pushing the door open with my right hand while trying to hold the dog, pull the luggage and scoot the kids into the room with the other hand.  Just as I looked up and into the room.....I heard the scream and saw a lady running toward me in her night clothes.  In a split second, I surveryed the scene to see her running towards me screaming "People are in here!!!!!", saw her sleepy-eyed husband sitting up in his bed, and 2 small kids jumping up in their beds, obviously terrified of these people coming into their room.  I had just walked in on this little family!!  Sampson (the dog) was barking furociously at her, my kids were shocked at this woman screaming at me, and I was blubbering like an idiot.  I felt terrible for these poor people and could only imagine if that were us!  I am amazed no one else came out of their rooms with all the noise and comotion! I tried to apologize......profusely, but I think I sounded like an idiot, nothing was making sense that I said and was only making things worse. It was like a scene from a TV show.  It took me a second to realize I was still standing in their room!  Finally, I gathered myself, our luggage, the dog and the 3 kids and got out of their room.

I headed towards the front desk to find John.   He thought it was funny.  I was NOT amused.  I was totally humiliated and told him that I was not going to the continental breakfast in the moring.....because if I ran into that screaming lady again, I would be mortified!

The hotel clerk gave us another key and another room and blamed it on the computers.  Needless to say, I barricaded our door that night cause I had a strange feeling that someone might walk into our room too!

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