Friday, August 24, 2012

A Hard GoodBye

Since we are staying with John parent's right now, who live in the country with very limited internet access, I haven't been able to update my blog. I have also been trying to spend all my time with the kids since our departure is so soon. Today, Eliza and Olivia are at school and Aunt Jeana took Aiden to the Zoo for a play date with a friend. John is studying for his I thought I would update. I will warn you that there are a LOT of pictures. I have a problem, I know!!

Travel day #1 August 1st, 2012

We stayed up most of the night packing and cleaning our rental, so I knew it would be a LOND day traveling. Add in the emotions and it made for a tough day. We met my family at IHOP for breakfast....I knew this would be the last time we are all together for quite a while. Micah and Jamie are also moving. And while we will see them briefly in November, it was that moment as an adult when you realize things will never be the's a hard thing to process. But, I wanted to enjoy the time with my family and not get too emotional.

The whole gang

Macie and Eliza love each other to pieces!

Aiden simply adores Blaise and asks for him all the time.

My parents....I know this is a hard time for them too.  The are losing 6 of their 7 grandkids to moves!

Mom and Grandma

Liza and her sweet Aunt Rachel

Uncle Josh loves his nieces and they love him!

Blaise and Jamie

Uncle Micah with Liv and Macie

Me and Blaise.   He thinks he is too cool for me.....but deep down, I know I am his favorite Aunt!  And I am barely taller than him and he is only 8!!  The kids is a GIANT!


This might be my favorite picture.....ever.  I glanced up while Dad was praying and saw Aiden like this and just had to take a picture!

This is when I started tearing up.  As I handed sweet Joshua to Rachel, I realized everything we are leaving behind.

After hugging, crying, and saying good bye, we loaded up. The boys in one car ....
                                                     and the girls in the other.


    This would be my view for the next 11 hours.  My wonderful husband John and Aiden leading the way!

And this was my view in my mirror.  The girls had both just woken up from a little nap.

We did hit some pretty heavy traffic for a couple hours!

The girls favorite things were tunnels, the tolls.....

....and the bridges!  When we went over one, they just squealed like they were on a roller coaster.

This was our view that evening.  I couldn't get a good picture, but it was simply breath taking.  Such a good reminder of the ONE who is making this journey with us.
Now it's time to stop for the night.

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