Thursday, August 30, 2012

Travel Day # 3.....We finally made it!!

Travel Day #3, August 3rd

After a non-eventful night (thank the Lord!!)  in another Holiday Inn Express we loaded up for another round of driving.  The GPS says we still have nearly 8 hours today!

We thought we would switch things up today. Aiden was excited to be riding in the van with Eliza....even if he did have to ride in a pink car seat!

These 2 had a blast together! And were so loud!!

Olivia was happy to have some time with Daddy.

And so after several more hours of this.....

...and this....

We FINALLY saw this!!!!

After 3 days, 9 meals eating out, countless potty breaks, hundreds of dollars in gas, 24 hours of driving and over 1200 miles, we finally made it to Iowa. We are so thankful for safety of travel and are happy settle in for a little while. Well, 3 weeks that is!!

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