Thursday, August 30, 2012

Life in Iowa

The last few weeks here in Iowa have been great. We've been able to spend time with family that we don't get to see often enough, visited several of our supporting churches, went to the Iowa State Fair, celebrated Eliza's birthday, started school and settled the kids into life here for the time while we are gone.

The Iowa Cousins-Emma 7, Eliza 6, Adi 5, Olivia 4 and Aiden 2!  What a group!!!

Aiden loved the animals at the Iowa State Fair.  We could barely pull him away from this goat!

Me and Eliza and her 6th birthday. So blessed to be called "MOMMY"

The kids dressed up liked cowgirls and a cowboy for VBS.  Livi and Aiden were too busy watching the other kids come in!!
John helping with the VBS lesson one night

Eliza and Adi's birthdays are 10 days apart so we had a party for them together.

Poor Aiden is out numbered by all the girls!

Eliza's first day of 1st grade at Grandview Park Baptist School.

I did this for her first day of K-4 and she still likes me to do it now!

If we can't find Aiden in the house, we know exactly where to look.  He LOVES it here with the ducks, chickens, dogs, bunny and all the land!  Here he was "checking on my ducks"

Checking on his chickens

Olivia's first day of K-4.  She was excited about it.....until we actually got there!

Of course, I had to write on her hand too!  Since we won't be here soon, I bought them both a little silver heart necklace so when they get sad or nervous, they can hold it and know that I love them and am praying for them no matter where I am.

We took them to make a Build A Bear amd recorded a song that we always sing to them and put it in the bear so we can still sing to them every night when we are in France.

Riding on the 4 wheeler!

Livi's favorite thing to do is ride the tire swing.

He seems to like it too!

Visting some of our Minnesota family

Catching up

and loving on the cousins!

Livi and Aunt Julie (John's mother's youngest sister)

The kids with cousins Becca and Gracie.  They were both in our wedding as flower girls.

The kids with one set of great grandparents.  These are John's mom's parents who live in Minnesota.  They support us every month for our work in Togo.  So thankful for family.

We have had such a sweet time with everyone here. Tomorrow we are keeping the girls home from school to spend some extra time together before we leave for France Saturday. I am cherishing every moment with them.

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  1. loved reading your wonderful "writings" and all the pictures....we do miss seeing all your smiling faces at Faith, but have the Peace from God, that all of you are "where" the Lord wants you at this time of your life. Looks like you are making many "memories" for you both as parents but also for your children, while you are in France studying the language for a couple of months. Give our love to your children and rest assured of our love for you all and our prayers....Joe and Barbs Haas


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