Friday, September 7, 2012

A Little Get Together

Today after class, the school chaplain and his wife (Phillipe & Rosemary) had all the students over for a little tea and cake so we could all get to know each other some outside of class. I think there are 39 students that are from all over the world.....Netherlands, South Africa, Sweden, Korea, Iceland,England, Germany, Swizterland and Scotland. There are only a few Americans so it is fascinating talking to the other students and seeing what their plans are after French study. Almost everyone here is going into missions, mainly in Africa. I think the only person not going into missions is a professional rugby player from Georgia...the country, not the state!!  It is amazing to hear their testimonies and see how the Lord is leading them into missions. Being among fellow missionaries is very refreshing. There is a sense of commraderie that is so encouraging. It was also nice to be in an English speaking environment!!

Some of the pastries Rosemary had for us.

For some reason, Rosemary seems to have taking a liking to us.  So after the get together, she called me into her kitchen and handed me some pastries she had boxed up and in her Scottish accent she said, "I wanted to send these home with ya, but don't let the others see!"

This is my friend Petra.  Her and her husband are from South Africa.  John and I really enjoy being around them.  Martin, her husband, calls us his American comrads.  They have one son here with them and 2 older sons back home. I think she tries to keep an eye on me because she knows I miss the kids!

After the get together, we walked back to our room and did a couple hours homework of phonetics, grammar and conjugation.  We also we able to Skype the kids....which was wonderful.  Our brains are fried after just 2 days so I am off to bed.  I can only imagine how my head will feel next Friday night after a full week of French!

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