Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Weekend

Nothing too exciting happened this weekend. 

Laundry was on the top of my to do list.

The laundry room in the basement that we all have to share. 

Obviously, the settings are all in French.  I don't know if we set it wrong, but it took 2&1/2 hours just to WASH the clothes and another 1 & 1/2 to dry.  So I sat there....the whole time......and studied!

We did have a little cookout with all the other students Saturday night.  That gave me something to look forward too......the days seem so long without the kids to fill my time. 

John playing with Josiah, one of the other missionary family's little boy.

We all had to bring something to grill and a side dish.  So I figured the best "American thing" to bring to a cookout was good ole potato salad!

I wasn't sure if all the other nationalities would like it....but it was all gone so I guess it was okay!

This was a salad an Australian girl brought.  I hate to admit, I didn't try it.  I am really not adventurous when it comes to food.  Although I did try the salad that the Korean family brought and it was great!

Then today we went to church with another couple, Jeremy and Mattie, who are headed to Togo.  We hit if off with them since we have the Togo connection! 

The church was in Paris (don't worry, we didn't see the Eifel Tower) and it took a train ride and quite a bit of walking to get to it.  I understood a few words here and there from the pastor's sermon, but it was pretty difficult sitting and trying to listen so intently for 2 hours! 

There were around 60 people there and I was struck by the fact that they all have to travel so far (some travel well over an hour) to attend a fundamental Baptist church.  Such a beautiful country...but such lost people with a great need for the Gospel.

After lunch we both studied for a while.  I have a test in the morning over the first unit that my class has covered.  Alot of it is review from what I already know,  but I am still nervous about a test!  It's been 10 years since I was in a class room.  I hope I remember how to study!

This evening we were able to watch Faith, our home church's morning service.  There is a 6 hour time difference so it works out nicely that we can watch it live.  We are so thankful for our home church.

And then, the highlight of my day.......

I do not know how I would get through being apart without being able to Skpye the kids!   It has been such a blessing being able to see them and talk to them every day.  I realize that we could NOT have internet access so I just wanted to thank the LORD for such a tremendous blessing!

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  1. I've been enjoying your blog posts about the process of getting to language school and starting language school. It brings back lots of memories for me. (We were learning French in Quebec Sept 08-June 09 before leaving for the Republic of Congo.)
    The washing machine sounds typical of European type machines. I've found that they take forever, but they get the clothes really clean and ring them out well.
    We had to share a washer with our apartment building in language school, but it was only 5 units. We were fortunate since the laundry room was right outside our door. (We were in the basement.) But it still takes some getting used to sharing. Of course, now, my laundry room is the faucet in front of my house, my "washing machine" is a lady washing clothes by hand, and the dryer is a clothes line...


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