Thursday, September 13, 2012

We saw it!!!!

Yesterday we had an outing.  One of our professors took a group of us students to explain how to use the train system in France.  It is essential to know how to get around on the trains with the very intricate system.  So she took us to the train station and took us into Paris!!!  Then we went on a little boat tour with her and the other students.

After the boat tour, we had the option to stay in Paris or go back to the school.  Since it was the first time we have been anywhere(other than the grocery store and church) since we arrived, we decided to stay and look around.  We walked around the city for a while and made our way to.....

......the Eiffel Tower!!!!

It was actually getting a little late when we got there, but we wanted to go up to see the view of Paris.

Apparently, we got in the wrong line, because we ended up WALKING up the stairs.....all 674 of them!!  Needless to say, we had to stop a few times to rest!

     This was the view from the 2 floor up.  It was quite breath taking.

This is on the very very top of the Eifel Tower.  After all the stairs, we had to take a tiny elevator that seemed to go up forever.  I kept asking John, "Aren't we to the top yet?".  When we got out at the top, it was absolutely freezing and the wind was blowing pretty hard.

After we made our way down the elevator and ALL those stairs, I was happy to be on solid ground!  I turned around and looked up, and this was our view of the tower.

But the fun didn't last long.  Today we were back in class and this was my view.....all day.  And now, John is doing his homework (for nearly 2 hours) and I am study for my test tomorrow.  But at least we have our memories of a wonderul day in Paris.

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