Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Long days

Today we do not have classes.  Apparently, local schools are out every Wednesday so we do not have classes to allow those with children to be with their kids.   It's nice not to have class.....but it makes for such a long day.  I hear and see the other families together and my heart aches.  The time passes so slowly and the quietness in our room in deafening.  It is so lonesome without our little people here.  Maybe this was what our life was like before we had kids.  I guess I don't remember those days.

John was sensing I was needing to get out a bit, so he suggested we go to Cora which is store like WalMart.....but bigger.

It is rather overwhelming.  You don't know where anything is.  Everything is in French.  Most of the brands are European.  You can find American brands but they are more expensive.

This made me smile.  It's Mr. Clean!!!

We were looking for something to send to the kids.  I found a couple little things so tomorrow after class we will venture out to find a post office(I hope they have a box to put the stuff in!) and send it off to the kids.

Since we have to walk every where we go, I was hoping we had killed some time by walking to the store and around the village. But when we got back to the room and I looked at the time, I was greatly dissapointed. Not as much time had passed as I had hoped for. It may sound odd, but I am just ready for classes to be in full swing so these days won't seem quite so long.

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