Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve

We just got back from visiting the hospital. For days I had wracked my brain trying to think of something to do for the patients for Christmas. I had thought about making cookies, which would have been a nice treat for them, but I wanted to do something that would have a longer impact. A few days ago, the kids and I went to the print shop here on the compound and we found pretty little posters that had Scripture on them and a little book for kids.

I know it doesn't seem like much, but something like a poster will be taken back to their home and put on the walls for all the family to see. They have so little, that something that is pretty and colorful will be cherished. And I couldn't help but think that as they see the poster and read the verses on them, that just maybe a seed would be planted in their heart!!
Olivia giving the posters and a little book to one of the sick kids.

All 3 of the kids were eager to give the posters to the patients.  This poster has all the names of God listed.

This guy was so happy when the kids gave him the posters.  He wanted to have his picture taken with John.

This Muslim man happily took all the posters and a tract from Olivia.  As we walked away I glanced back and saw him immediately reading the tract.  I pray that he finds the real gift of Christmas this year!

As we left the hospital, I kept thinking "I wish we could have done more for the people". But the Lord gently reminded me that we gave the greatest gift anyone can give.....the gift of Him! Our prayer is that now the Lord will grant the increase!

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