Friday, December 21, 2012

Mobile Medical Clinic- A Day in the Village

Yesterday, John was able to travel to a small village nearly 2 hours away from the hospital to help with a Medical Medical Clinic. This is an outreach of the hospital where they go into village with a van, a few supplies and a team of Togolese who are eager to share the Gospel.

Here is one of the Togolese pastors(sitting in the front ) presenting the Gospel to some of the people who are waiting to be seen for medical care.  It's not your typical waiting room, but at least there is some shade from the intense sun.

Some of the village kids came out to see what was going on!


After John would see the patients, he would write a prescription for whatever meds they needed.

This is the area that was set up to pass out meds.....I guess you could call it the pharmacy!  It was a little building with mud walls and a mud floor.

Some of the meds that the team brought with them to give out.

One of the sweet little on-lookers...he didn't want to get too close!

I just love these little faces!!  If we don't go into their village and tell them about Jesus,  who will??

Unfortunately, this was the last planned Mobile Medical Clinic. The funds for this outreach have run out. We are praying that the Lord will provide so that we can continue to go out in to these villages to share the compassion of Christ. Some of the villages wouldn't allow a group to come in soley to share the Gospel, but we are welcomed into these villages because we also offer medical care. Please pray that the Lord would provide so that we can continue to use healthcare as a tool to go into these villages and share the Gospel!

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