Sunday, December 23, 2012

Olivia turns 5!!!!!

Every year at the kids' birthdays I look back at pictures....I am such a sap.  And while this really has nothing to do with missions, I couldn't help but post of few pictures of our sweet Olivia Noelle.  She was born at 3am and weighed 7 pounds 9 ounces and seemed so tiny compared to Eliza's birthweight of 9-13.  She was just perfect.  We hadn't found out if we were having a boy or girl but I was just thrilled to have another girl.  I always wanted to sister growing up and I was so thankful that I had 2 sweet girls that would be best friends!

I was just mesmerized by her!

Eliza and Olivia meet for the first time!  It really was love at first sight.  They have been best friends ever since that first moment.

I have always described Olivia as my "happy baby".  She was always so content and so bubbly!

Her first Christmas.  She was so beautiful!

Playing in the snow with Daddy.  She wasn't too sure about it though!

My little princess at her 1st birthday.  This was the same outfit Eliza wore for her 1st birthday. 

The cutest bumble bee ever!

A trip to the Auquarium

A little brother arrives and Olivia was in love!!

Sweet Sisters

A trip to the Iowa Zoo

Olivia LOVES to cheez it for the camera!

I know everyone says the girls look just alike, but I really don't see it!  To me, they look nothing alike!

Playing in the field of flowers!

My 3 little firecrackers!

Fall- 2010

At the Wayne County Fair.  Olivia loved all the rides.  She wasn't scared of anything!!!


My brave girls on a roller coaster!  Livi sure does love to laugh!

Adventureland in Iowa

A trip to the splash pad!

My prayer is that these 2 will always be as close as they are right now.

This is so Livi's personality!  Full of life!!

1st day of K-4....growing up way too fast for this mommy!

So excited to be having another baby in the family!
Olivia today at her little party.  Before we left the States, she said she wanted a "Zebra Party with pink cupcakes".  So I brought stuff in our suitcases so she could have a special day.   I was a little worried she be disappointed since it is so different than parties in the past, but she seemed to be happy with everything.  She kept saying, "Mommy, this is a big party!!"  It made my heart happy to know it has been a special day for her.

My sweet Birthday Girl!  Hard to believe she is 5!
I try not to talk about the fire too much, but as I looked back at years of pictures I just had to thank the Lord again for saving the computer that had all our pictures on it!  So thankful to be able to look back at all these priceless moments!  God is so good! 


  1. Happy Birthday, Olivia! Praying you continue to live life fully to shine the love of Jesus. Amy (Mainus) Anderson

    1. OH MY GOODNESS!!! Some how I just saw this comment from you! It is so good to hear from year. I have thought about you lots over the years and am so thankful for the impact you had in my life as a teenager.
      Are you on facebook?? I would love to see/hear how you are doing!


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