Sunday, December 16, 2012

What a cutie!!!

Sometimes, when it is so very hot.....and you are struggling to follow the sermon being preached in Ewe and French, you get easily distracted. It might be by a orange striped lizard scaling the wall behind the pastor. Or it might be by the chicken that was given as an offering and is now tied up at the front of the church squawking for its freedom. Or it may be by a stray goat that wanders through the service. This morning, that was exactly the case for me. I was so happy to be in a Togolese church among the sweet people and around the amzing singing, but as I a sat on the hard bench and tried to discreetly fan myself, my eyes kept wandering around the people and this little guy caught my eye.

He kept wandering over towards us. I think he was fascinated by the "yovo-vies" (little white people) sitting next to me! But he was such a cutie!

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