Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Behind these doors...

Friday was my last day of work in the Intensive Care Unit. I very vividly remember the first time I walked through these doors. It was 2001 and I was entirely too overdressed! My heart raced as I saw the unit that I dreamed of working in. The vents, the tubes, the drips....I knew I wanted to be a critical care nurse.

Friday, as I walked through the doors I was struck with many emotions. Behing these doors I have spent countless hours with co workers caring for the sick, praying with the grieving, and holding the hand of the dying. We have fought with all our strength to save a life and stood humbly by as we watched the Great Physician at work. Behind these doors we have had great discussions at 3 AM while we all naviagate through life trying to be the very best we can be. We have laughed over silly things, cried over the loss of a patient, debated religion and politcs, celebrated weddings and births of coworkers and grieved the loss of family members. We have spent countless holidays together behind these doors....because although it seems strange to some, we in healthcare are indeed family. It was behind these doors that I learned of the loss of my home and it was behind these doors that dear friends hugged me when I cried and provided for our family.....beacuse they too, were our family.

I will miss the moments we all shared together and know that I am a better friend, nurse, mother, wife and Christian because of my time behind these doors.

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  1. How precious, Tabitha...and we know "behind those doors" you saw many souls that needed your love shining for Jesus...and if possible, pointing them to His Healing Salvation that would make them Whole in Him. God bless you in all the "next" doors God is preparing for you and your husband and children to walk through and being another blessing to "whosoever"..our Lord will be a constant blessing to all of you...that is our prayers for your family. Our love and prayers, Joe and Barbs Haas


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