Tuesday, July 31, 2012


We recently had the chance to have lunch with two people whom I believe fit the definition of the term "faithful". Dr. and Mrs Joe Haas are 2 of the kindest and most welcoming people you will ever meet.

Some of my earliest memories of the Haases are seeing them walk into the gym, at FCA, hand in hand. I have always thought they are such a great example for young couples on having a Christian home. They are faithful to each other.

They were there, at FCA, to watch their grandchildren play sports. They are so faithful to their family.

They were never afraid to stand and cheer for their school or blow that silly horn they brought to every game! They are faithful to their school.

They are in their 80's (sorry Mrs. Haas, hope it's ok to tell your age!) and are some of the most active members of our church as they lead a Sunday School class, reach out to others, and work in the church. Just tonight they were at VBS helping with the children. They are faithful to their church.

For nearly 2 decades they served on the mission feild in France in addition to years serving as a Pastor and Pastor's wife here in the US. They have been faithful to the Lord.

John & I could have sat and talked with them for hours. Such godly wisdom and insight they have! It was such a joy hearing their testimonies and seeing them with our children. The fellowship was sweet and the meal was simply divine!!

The kids had a blast riding around on the little sled. Aiden now calls them Mr and Mrs. Hassy!

We are so thankful for their friendship and know that just as they said, they will pray for us faithfully....because that is just who they are, faithful!

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