Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Shopping Galore!

People often ask me how you even begin to prepare to take a family of 5 to Africa for 2 years.   And this is my answer.....lists!!  I have lists for everything from clothing needs, to toiletries, to schooling materials to food items.  Over the last few months I have accumulated lists of things we will need to ship over to Togo.  And Friday was our big shopping day.  My parents watched the kids so John and I could do our shopping quickly and effeciently......meaning, without 3 little people to wrangle!!

It was hard trying to decide what to actually buy.  Everything is made from scratch so I made sure to buy things that would allow me to cook snacks and things for the kids.   I was tempted to get carried away saying, "Oh!!  The kids will need this!!".  Thankfully, John helped me figure out necessity versus luxury items.  Although he did let me get a couple special things (like NesQuick and Ranch Mix) for the kids.

Ready to check out at Sam's Club.

Loading up our goods

After a trip to Sam's Club, we went to WalMart. 

Kool Aid for the kids (sorry the picture wouldn't turn)

Flash Lights are an ABSOLUTE necessity to keep from stepping on snakes after dark.

Pepperoni!!  And water coolers

And enough deodarant for a small army!  But can't have stinky missionaries!

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