Thursday, July 12, 2012

I love these Moms!!

Today was my last Mom2Mom meeting. For the last couple years a group of moms at church get together for activities and Bible studies. We met today for water day! There was around 50 moms and kids! It really was a blast!

I didn't think to get a picture until most everyone had already left, but these are a few of the other dear sweet friends.

All the moms brought stuff for us for Togo...from band aids, to jello to bug spray, to hand sanitizier. They loaded us up! How very thoughtful!

I will miss these friends. Some of them I know well. Some of us grew up together. Some of us have just met. Some have been saved for years, while others are just starting their journey with Jesus. Some work outside the home and others work in the home! Some are military wives and others are Wayne County girls. So many different backgrounds and so many different paths ahead, but we all share one common thread in our desire to be godly wives and mothers.

They have all taught me so much and have been such a good support system as we all navigate this journey of Christian Motherhood. Whether discussing diapering, playdates, prayer requests, women of the Bible, tips for a successful marriage,new recipes or home management, each of these women impacted me in a tremendous way. I am eternally thankful for knowing each of them and so thankful for our Mom2Mom group!

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