Sunday, February 5, 2012

2 parties in 1 day!!!

December 15th

Today was Eliza's kindergarten class Christmas party. I love going and helping with her parties and doing crafts with the kids. Five year old are just hilarious.

Eliza, Milyah, Bailey, Jordan & Lauren

Eliza & her cousin, Milyah apparently deep in a 5 year old's conversation!

Eliza & her wonderful teacher, Mrs. Hinson. Eliza just loves Mrs. Hinson. One of my closest friends in highschool was Mrs. Hinson's daughter, Alice. Eliza thinks it neat that I went to the same school that she is now going to. So thankful for Faith Christian Academy!

Mrs. Hinson reading the Christmas story to the kids.

Eliza & her class reciting Luke 2 for their parents. We were all so proud of them. Thank you Mrs. Hinson for working so hard with them and for teaching them the Bible!

The second party today was for my sweet Olivia. Olivia's birthday is Decemeber 23rd. She is my Christmas baby and somehow she manages to get 2 parties every year. John's parents usually come down in early December and we try to have a little party for Livi while they are here. Today was Livi's first party...and she picked Chuck-E-Cheese. She is terrified of him, but loves the place. John and I had some running around to do and then met John's parents and the kids at Chuck-E-Cheese.

We had a great day. It seemed more normal than things have been lately. So thankful for my family!

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