Sunday, February 5, 2012

An Amazing Church!

December 18th

We have an incredible church. I have attended Faith Church since I was 13 years old.  John & I were married there and have attended since then.  I never doubted what a great church it is but after the fire our church family rallied behind us in a greater way than I could have ever imagined.
This pic is from my friends blog

The morning of the fire, before we had even left the scene, church people started stopping by to offer prayers and support.  They hugged us, prayed with us and cried with us.  Just a couple hours later, 2 church families brought clothes for the kids- matching dresses and hairbows for the girls, shoes, socks, coats!  All throughout the day, church people came absolutely flooding us with love, support, and everything we could possibly need. The next morning at church, people hugged us while others would grab our hands and sneak money to us to help us with immediate needs.  One lady bought a Christmas tree and decorated it especially for the kids.  Several men came to the house and helped us dig through the remains of the house.  A sweet friend stopped by and literally gave me the shoes off her feet so I wouldn't ruin the only pair of shoes I had digging in the the debris.  She also went and bought me a flat iron & blow dryer cause she knew I used them!!  Another friend at church arranged for all our household items.  Another friend arranged meals for us for 2 weeks!  Several men gave John advice on dealing with the insurance company and others offered houses for us to stay in.  One friend went and bought me church clothes because she knew I didn't have anything to wear to church.  One of our pastor's gave John several suits so he would have church clothes.  Another friend was my prayer buddy who I would text (and still do) when I was having a particulary hard time and she would pray right then for me.  Another lady made blankets for the kids.  People gave presents so the kids would have things to open Christmas morning.  Other people brought clothing, stocked our pantry, brought furniture and gave gift cards. Our church also took up a love offering for our family that simply humbled us.

People have asked how we have made it through all this and we can honestly say that without our church, we could not have made it through this.  The immediate expenses that we faced were giant, but our church's generosity allowed us to stay afloat.  We owe so much to our church.  Our prayer is that the Lord will now use in someone else's life in the same way He used so many of them in our lives.

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