Saturday, February 18, 2012

How Do We Say "Thank You!!"

I am still working on thank you notes for all the people who helped us after the fire.  I write them with such a heavy heart.  There is just no way to really say how thankful we are for everything that was done for us.  With each card I write, I wish so badly that I could open my heart so that you all could see the gratitude that is deep within.

 How do you thank the very people that help you rebuild your lives?
How do I thank the neighbor that brought out shoes and blankets for us as we watched the house burn?
How do I thank the firemen and women who so carefully tried to find anything remaining in the house?
How do I thank the fireman that knew our computer held all our pictures and went in to find it or the firemen who brought the kids drinks while they waited in the car?
How do I thank the ladies that brought shoes and coats for the kids. 
How do we thank the friend who brought juice boxes and snacks for the kids....when I hadn't even thought of that! 
Or the sweet ladies who brought meals for almost 3 weeks when I wasn't able to feed my family. 
How do we thank the business men who provided a vehicle for us?
How do I say thank you to the family that stocked our pantry  or the family that gave us beds to sleep on!
Or the friend who gave me her shoes!
How do I thank the people from Florida to Illinois to Tennessee that sent us care packages?  People that don't know us and will never meet us, but were moved with compassion to help us in our time of need. 
How do  I thank the mom who made Christmas outfits for the kids and her 2 daughters that sent their favorite blankets to my 2 girls! 
Or the little boy that brought a box of his toys for Aiden.
How do I say thank you to the lady that brought a Christmas tree for the kids or the friend that made stockings for the kids! 
How do I tell people thank you that gave money & gifts card that allowed us to meet so many needs?  

When we say that we were flooded with support, it is no exageration.  People from all over the country, our community and church gave in a way that impacted our family in a tremendous way. How do I let people know that nothing, even the smallest deed, did not go unnoticed? How do I let people know that their giving touched our hearts beyond explanation.  The way you gave, the way you prayed and the way you have supported us through this valley has changed us forever!  The Lord used you in our lives and we are so thankful for that!  Our prayer, as we move forward is that the Lord will use us to reach another and make a difference in their life just the way you made a difference in ours!

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