Monday, February 13, 2012

Going away party

Eliza goes to school with a little boy, Kaleb, whose family are misssionaries to Moldova.  They have been in kindergarten this year together, but it is time for Kaleb & his family to return to the mission field.  I thought it would be fun for the class to have a going away party for Kaleb.  What 5 & 6 year old doesn't love a party!?
                                 Kaleb with his mom & grandma

             All of the kids brought little gifts for Kaleb for the airplane ride!
                         Kaleb was super-excited about all his new stuff!
One of the other moms and I go in about every month or so and do a craft with the kids.  We did it last year in K4 and have really enjoyed doing it this year too.  The kids are so fun to be around and it is great to see them learning so much.  They made bags to put their Valentine's in!

Livi always comes along and "helps out".  She thinks the big kids are so fun!

What a fun morning doing a craft and saying good bye to Kaleb.  We love his family and will be praying for them as they return to the mission field.

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