Saturday, February 4, 2012

He knows our needs!

December 14th

Since we are in a house now, a sweet friend from our church has set up a web page with a list of household items that we need. It is sort of an odd situation. Since we are planning on leaving for Togo in the fall we hate to go out and buy things for the house that we will have to turn around and store or sell when we leave. And we still haven't heard from our insurance about replacing things yet. So, our friend set up a list of some of our urgent needs for the house...and people have been just amazing at responding and helping. Dishes, linens, furniture and kitchen items starting arriving like crazy!! People even brought toys for the kids.

One thing lately that I have been struggling with is a lack of familiarity. But as things started arriving today, I noticed something. Several of the toys were toys the kids had at the old house. The familiar sound of the music from the toys absolutely warmed my heart. Then another family brought a set of dishes that where the same set of dishes John & I had when we lived in Togo! Then 2 different families brought the same set of glasses by that were the same set of glasses we had at the old house. I guess some people would say that is all coincidence, but I disagree. I feel like that Lord saw that I needed some familiar things to help the house feel more like home. He saw the need of my heart, even as small and insignificant as it was, and He met that need!!! What a great God!

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