Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Christmas Eve Night

The kids are all excited!!  Christmas is tomorrow.  The events of the last few weeks have faded in their little minds.  All they can think about right now is CHRISTMAS!!!

In our town, we have a wonderful place called Kitty Askins Hopsice Center.  I was able to work part time for a little while a just loved it.  Both of my sis-in-laws have worked there as nurse's aides.   It is a special place caring for very special people.  For the last few years, every Christmas Eve, our family goes and brings gift bags and sings to the patients and families.  The kids just love going!  We hope their little faces bring a little bit of joy to those who are going through such a tough time.

After going to the hopsice facility, everyone hurried home to get ready for bed.....cause you know who comes in the morning.

The kids in the adorable Christmas pjs that a sweet   
                            friend of mine sent.

   Saying "good night" to Elfie.  I hadn't even thought about losing Elfie in the fire, but a good friend (whose children also have an elf) went out the day of the fire to find a new Elfie for the kids.  They never knew he was gone!! 

 Most of these gifts were given from other people so that the kids would have presents to open Christmas morning!

    My good friend, and co-worker, made the kids these stockings!  Aren't they just adorable!

Through the giving of so many people, we know the kids are going to have a wonderful Christmas!

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