Saturday, February 4, 2012

"Our swing Mommy!!! Our swing!!!"

Decemeber 15th

Today was a big day for the kids. Our missions pastor and another guy from the church came over to help move a few things from the old house to the new house. We had a large wood swingset and a trampoline that were not really damaged from the fire so John got some help to move those. Our new house is just three houses down so they didn't have too far to move the stuff.

They loaded the swingset into the back of a pickup and drove it over. When they pulled into the back yard, the girls started jumping up and down with excitement. They of course lost everything in the fire too, toys, clothes, books, dolls....everything. And since the fire, they have asked for nothing! I have been so proud of them. A couple time, Eliza has asked, "where's my Dora doll?". Or Livi says, "My babies got all burned up". I tell her that "Dora is gone". And she simply moves on....never asks for more toys. I am so thankful for the sweet children the Lord gave us.

When the guys came over with swingset, they were ecstatic jumping and down, saying "Mommy! Our swing!". I have to admit, it felt so nice....normal I guess, to see them swinging and climbing on the slide.

I am so thankful for those sweet guys that took time from their schedule to help do something that meant so much to the kids!

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