Saturday, February 4, 2012

Through the Tears

December 15th

So many people have brought things over to our new house. We have been overwhelmed by people's selfless giving to us in our time of need. Nearly everything on the list of things we needed has been brought by the house. So now, we are trying to settle in and put things away. As I was working in the kithcen today, I was putting things away and the tears just flowed. I noticed that I was trying to set the kitchen up the same way our other kitchen was set up....and for some reason, it saddened me. I am trying so hard to look at the positive things. We have SO VERY MUCH to be thankful for, that I can not complain. In His wisdom, the Lord took our home from us. It was not in His plan for me to be in that kitchen any more. He had another plan....a better plan for us. I am trying not to miss what the Lord for us in all this.

Lord, help me not to be so focused on the past that I miss the present blessings and lessons you have for us this very day. Help me to realize that every good and perfect gift is from you. Help me to see your goodness even through the tears.

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