Sunday, February 5, 2012

My 3 little blessings

December 13

These last few days, I almost feel like a new mother all over again. Their little faces, their sweet kisses, their chubby little hands that reach up to hug me make me thank God all over again for giving them to me. When I stop and think, really think, about what I could have lost that night, I can hardly breath. The fact that I could have lost them makes my heart race in my chest. I look at my children and still can hardly believe they are mine. My girls are so sweet and loving. And Aiden is just the love of my life. I watch them all so closely lately. I guess I am looking for signs that they are adjusting well. I realize their little worlds have been turned upside down, that everything they know and love, that the place they called home is gone. My heart breaks for them. I yet, I remind myself that the Lord is just as aware of their needs as He is of mine. His grace extends to them. He knows their fears, their sadness, their loss. He loves them more than I do and He WILL take care of them!!

Eliza, Olivia & Aiden, I can not even begin to tell you all that I feel in my heart towards each of you. God blessed me and your Daddy when He gave you to us. Love Him and live for Him. He is matter what comes into your life, know that He is walking through it with you. He will never leave you, never fail you, never let you down. He will carry you through the valleys and He will sing with you on the mountain top. When you feel that you are alone, He is right there with you. When you feel like you are in you darkest day, He will be your morning star! When you feel that you can't stand, He will hold you up. When you feel like you can't breathe, He will be your very breath. When you don't understand, trust in Him!

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